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. at the top of the hour let's talk to nicole petallides right now and every 15 minutes with stocks now. looking at a big merger today. nicole: that's right. focus on the merger in the mattresses business. everybody knows sealy and everybody knows tempurpedic. these are getting together. you have tempurpedic agreeing to acquire the rival sealy at a 2.8% premium and combines the two companies, they are just more highly leveraged in order to be able to combine their strong assets. they will though still operate separately in many ways, so we'll continue to follow but temper-pedic. look at that. back to you. connell: nicole thank you. dagen: take a look at this. the u.s. economy growing at a very weak 1.3% in the second quarter, revised down from 1.7%. that is, well, lousy. connell: deputy editor at the "wall street journal"'s editorial page is here to tell us it's always the economy, stupid, at least that was your column? >> that's right. and any presidential election one way or another it is going to be about the economy, no matter how hard the candidates try to deny that. the most amazi
in that company. it's the top of the hour. right now stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor at the new york stock exchange with again getting out of aig or trying to get out of it. nicole: right, dagen and connell. goes back to 08 the financial crisis and t government bailed out aig. today here what we're seeing is the u.s. treasury department is now planning to sell 18 billion dollars worth of stock. and then that moves them from a 53% share to a 20% share. that no longer a majority shareholder. this is a big deal for obviously american taxpayers and aig too. 1.7% is to the down side right now. i want to do a broad market check here for you right now. the major market averages are slightly to the down side. the s&p is down 1/10 of 1%. the nasdaq composite though is down a full half of a percentage point. but you have names hitting new highs like apple and google. back to you. dagen: thanks nicole. connell: here we go after a five week break, great news today, congress is back at it. absolutely. they have less than a month left in the fiscal year. dagen: rich ed
% over the last. and look at the year-to-date chart, down about 12%. nicole petallides at leas the new york stock exchange. first off, the big drop in oil, spr relief, white house says it is not so. what do we know at this point? >> we believe it was indeed the rumor that set it off. talking to three different traders who say it was that. as you can imagine, when you have a move like this, you have a lot of action. we're still about $2.70 down, but we took a huge move in oil. a look at what they're doing on the floor. 20,000 contracts, oil contracts sold in three minutes. another trader told me, what do you get, sorry, what do you get when you cross a rosh hashanah holiday and a rumor and the expiration coming up? you could get a combination bringing this down. can i get in your ear really quick? you're being told it was that rumor that came out? >> a conversation with a gentleman in the crude pit, that's actually shot them up a little bit and there was not enough liquidity to deal with because of the holiday. and it took hi the market under. evidently they ran some stops because of li
on that straight ahead. that has some fraction. melissa: lori: let's head to the stock exchange and nicole petallides. stocks hitting their earlier losses. nicole: back in the green for the dow jones industrial average up four points after yesterday's loss of 40 points. some traders talking about holidays and lighter volume and discounting the fact that yesterday we sold off and upwards trend for the major averages so we do see the s&p and nasdaq going back a little bit. one thing that helped things along was homebuilder sentiment index. nice numbers and the six year high highest in september and rose the fifth straight month in a row. apple good news for apple shareholders, 70144 all time new high for apple over the i phone 5 which has been selling out, record sales for the i phone 5 when you walk into the store sept. 20 first. that is one we will continue to watch through the end of the week into next. lori: apple not charging ahead. won't get more later this hour. melissa: interesting connection. oil on transport's second straight down day on the heels of yesterday's wild session. phil
results. melissa: time for stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. our own nicole petallides is standing by. nicole: yesterday we had these major market averages at multi- year highs. the dow closed at the highest level since 2007. the nasdaq 12 year highs. we are really at crucial levels here. going nowhere fast. they had to adjust the week job numbers. stocks pulled back a little bit. i want to take a look at two names weighing on the dow. that is intel and kraft. looking at intel in particular. they gave their revenue outlook for the next quarter. it is very weak. they are saying they are seeing lower demand. there is no doubt that the global economy has been under pressure. then you look at kraft. they will be splitting into two on october 201. those shares are below the estimates. both of these names are under significant pressure today. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. lori: disappointing jobs picture for the month of august. more and more americans dropping out of the workforce. rich edson joins us now to break down these numbers. nicole: 96,000 jobs created. not enough to keep up
. >> let's kick it off with a stock check. nicole, stocks waiverring back and forth. >> there's a lot happening that everybody's waiting for as well. of course, the federal market committee has a policy meeting wednesday and thursday. we find out more as they reveal their thinking these days. so much an anticipation for monetary similar -- stimulus. they are pulling back after last week's 215 point game. you have the bank stocks doing well. retailers and as far as energy, some of the services indexes higher, but take a close look at bp in particular. bp is selling off assets. $5.5 billion worth of assets. we are looking closely at this name. these are interesting some operated assets by the company. it's up half a percent right now. back to you. >> nicole, thanks so much. so the treasury is moving to unload the rest of the aig stake, but it's the timing raising eyebrows here. we have the bottom line. >> you know, you can't use any words that will be basically an understatement of what went on with aig; right? big is not an understatement. the biggest, controversial bailout leading to
to head to the stock exchange with nicole petallides. stocks trading lower today. nicole: they tried the rally once again. at 13,600 rally. we tried it before and try it again and they lose it. the high of the day 13,620 on the dow jones industrials. interday charge shows we sold off after the noon hour as we started to hear from the filly head. talking about monetary policy and pretty pessimistic and that played into this market as well as the fact that the imf may not give greece there nick heymann. lot of calls for a market that started pretty strong and another thing digesting its caterpillar having to repair products saying we won't make the profits we expected in years to come because economic growth is dwindling. with that through 2015 they are cutting their numbers. not saying they will be profitable regardless of a recession but they and -- on the dow down 2.5%. staples another name talking about the economy getting stores that are weighing on the company. 15 stores in the state. 45 stores in europe cutting their stores and focusing on line, cutting costs to have savings of
every 15 minutes we are having fun let's check the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange watching hewlett-packard. nicole: not much fun there. if you look at dow component hewlett-packard you will see the down arrows and the fact the stock is around the 2003 levels and eight year lows. it turned into the green and as an up arrow but has been under pressure and one of the reasons the fares are jumping in ahead of next week's analysts meeting hewlett-packard under significant pressure and changing the guard and you have meg whitman leading the way for the company but what will come of this analyst meeting is a question whether or not they can legitimately turn this company around and that is why they were getting in on this. you can see honestly it has an up arrow and turned around and of the market has come out of its earlier low. melissa: thanks so much. up next charlie gasparino is back and breaking news. what is the story? stick around and find out as we head to break. let's look at how the dollar is fairing and you see it is stronger against the euro and the p
there. it. dagen: the story in also, of course, stocks. reduced tax the rich 15 minutes. nicole petallides has everything covered at the new york stock exchange looking apple. >> reporter: a hot stock to watch. the launch of the iphone five. it's got to be on sale september 201st. reorders are available. it's up over $7, did not break the 680 mark, at least not today. trading as high as 63. also, look at the broader market ahead of the fed. we can see the dow was up 1/4 of 1%. charles: nicole, the big news now. the middle east demonstrations continue. the u.s. embassies, egypt and yemen. the day after the u.s. ambassador was killed in benghazi. mike baker joins us, former covert operations officer with the cia, head of diligence to moguls to carry from. let me start with a question, if i can, about security. some people have brought up the fact, was there as much security as they needed to be at some of these indices from what you've seen of the last couple of days to make >> again, hindsight, it's terrific. it would have been wise to have beefed up security. in all honesty in l
: top of the hour, stocks now and every 15 minutes beginning with nicole pet petallides -- nicole petallides, let's talk about facebook. nicole: over the weekend with facebook on the cover of barron's, with the down arrow, right? $15, certainly just saying it was still too pricy at the current levels, the stock sold off. here it is now gaining about 1/2%. but still for this week alone, down 9%, just in these two trading days, so it shows you that's still under significant pressure. mark zuckerberg of course time it sold off and it was lower was saying buy, double down, you know, pick it up but someone like barry diller and some insiders say well mark zuckerberg is young, his view is much longer term than most. nowhere near the $38 ipo price. the dow is up 60 points, above 13,600 once again. the s&p 500 up about 1/2%. much like the tech heavy nasdaq. some names that are leading the way on the dow, including home depot, pfizer, general electric and merck. back to you. dagen: thanks nicole. the latest rasmussen poll shows president obama and republican nominee romney essentially in a
. nicole, stocks breathing after four consecutive days of gains. >> that's true. four great days, of course, the fed delivered the bond buying program, and an accommodated fed, and today, we are giving back a little bit, down one quarter of 1%. we got in a new york fed manufacturing survey number that was a big disappointment so that's something that weighed on the markets today overall. the dollar's just a little higher and commodities pulling back a little bit, but something we've continued to follow very closely is apple. the apple iphone5. of course, the preorders have gone haywire; right? they cost all kinds of new records. it's not going on sale until you walk in the store to buy it september 21st, but it's already setting records. it did not cross 700, however, it got to 699.54, an all-time high for apple. 41 all time highs in new york in 2012 for apple. tracy: so much for the connector being an issue for people. protests continue in the middle east with one reported protester dead in the region today. fox joins us now from cairo with the latest. what was the leader of al-qaeda's rol
with nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. let's talk more and more about apple here. nicole: what's really interesting is what did they actually do? they sold over 5 million iphone 5s this weekend. right? and now they are running out and there are shortages and tim cook is saying being patient. we will get them out as fast as we can. the stock is lower right now. some of the analysts were thinking 8 million would be sold. despite the fact it was more than 5 million, that was a record for apple but didn't meet expectations. over in asia they had to shut down a plant that makes iphones. not sure when they will open that. that could be factoring in also. back to you. cheryl: thank you nicole. joining us for more on apple, associate editor at barron's, mike santoli. you were telling me a few minutes ago that the analysts are having a tough time putting a true valuation on the company because they are doing so many things they have never done before. >> this iphone launch for example is staged over the course of, you know, nine countries then another 20 in a week. by the
every 15 minutes. big move here to the outside, but still low on the our. nicole: we had a stress test for the banks over in spain. as a result, you are seeing the dow down 46 points. you are talking about how we have been up. since last october, right, last halloween, every single month for the dow has been a winning month except for one exception, mate of 2012. that would include this one as well. we closed in august at 30,090. some of the names that have done well would include bank of america, ge, jpmorgan, those are some of your best. microsoft and intel have come under some tough stuff. melissa: discussing a number of topics on domestic and global markets. voting on approval of the 2013 budget. >> we were expecting for them to know which companies were systemically important. they would be subjected to greater regulation. that is not having today, according to a spokesperson. the counselor will undertake further analysis of these companies. it does not intend to publicly announce the name of any non-bank financial company that is under evaluation before a final designation of suc
you. >>> fired om her job and she says it's because she is black. nicole said she worked at the trendy clothing store wet seal and that she was fired from her store at the king of prussia mall some pennsylvania because she did not fit an image and she joins me live from philadelphia and also with us on the phone is brad seligman, her lead counselor and class action lawsuit against wet seal. first off, nicole, you said you did so well at one wet seal store you were promoted manager for the store. if that's the case, why do you think you were fired? >> basically, i did very well at this springfield store. i was promoted at king of prussia. the vice president of the company came in and stated that's the store manager? she wanted someone with blond hair and blue eyes. basically, nothing was wrong with my store. i did well with customer service. i had a very excellent team and, later, i saw an e-mail that stated that african-americans dominate and that it was a huge issue and under my name, i was not the right fit for the store. i was later -- >> let me tell our viewers that is the big deve
, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: all right, i want to take a look at the home builders. hovnanian, you can see it's as i showed it to you, it's down 6% at $3.42 a share right now as we speak. a couple of things worth noting, many of the home builders are setting session lows here as we're going into the closing bell. we did get in some sales numbers, and they weren't too good. so those numbers were a little bit of a disappointment. the one glimpse of hope is that prices have been increasing, so that's something, that's the good side. i should note that we are at the barclays post, and barclays actually cut the whole group can yesterday, including lennar and kb homes. also take a look at some of the home improvement names, right? scherr win williams, lowe's, dow component home depot, those are some names to look at as well. overall home builders for 2012 have done an unbelievable job, hovnanian up about 137% year to date, but this week a tough week, down 12% this week. cheryl: all right, nicole, thank you very much. let's go to sandra smith, w
. now, apple is open for business. nicole, let's bring you into this. you're on the floor of the exchange there. apple is way down. what's the news on iphone 5 sales? >> well, here is the deal. the deal is that the sales, while they were record sitting, were disappointing to some folks. they came in below some the higher estimates and this stock is down 2.1%, and they sold 5 million iphone 5's, over 5 million this weekend. but you know, there were some folks who were-- >> oh, i think most people were expecting a lot more. and i heard 8 million. somebody was way out there with 10 million. and some are disappointed and why the stock is moving, nothing do with the brawl at the factory, i think the iphone 5 is taking apple down there. >> and you hear, some people apologizing, they're building them as fast as we can, et cetera, et cetera. stuart: maybe that was just to keep the buzz going. i don't know. look, down 15 bucks, we'll be back to you shortly. oil and gas prices affect your wallet oofr day. both are headed down. look at the price of oil. a big drop, buck 27. back to 9
joins us this hour. >> time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. nicole is standing by. nicole, stocks going to the downside here. >> that's right. last week, by the end of the week, felt like we went nowhere fast, but today is a clear picture. in the red all dang long. dow is one quarter of 1%. the nasdaq down three quarters of 1%. there is pressure here coming along with a stronger dollar. we had a weaker euroowe. the german business confidence numbers weaker again. that does not bode well. as far as the european picture, but at the same time, we have the business activity index in that rose. i know you'll delve into this, but we're talking about apple's iphone5 selling 5 million units this weekend. that blows it out of the park compared to the prior iphone4 release setting its own record by what we saw this weekend, but there were analysts expecting 8 million sales and 5 million is not 8 million. that could be one of the reasons why the stock is on the downside. the other is they have to close a china plant because of some issues there with the workers. that's been closed and that c
the worst of the bunch down 1 full percentage point. back to you. connell: nicole thank you. live pictures here in new york city. the protesters gathered outside the united nations. this as the iranian president ahmadinejad set to address the u.n. inside. joining us is a senator. what do you make of the fact he's speaking today? here's ahmadinejad on the world stage. >> he's obviously trying to get attention. this guy is reviled by most of the people in the world. the only good news i can say is this is probably his last appearance on the world scene at least as far as new york is concerned. trying to figure out what this guy -- this guy is doing is something hard to figure except he's always looking for attention. one of the problems is right now many times we mistake infamy for famous. this guy is infamous, not famous. connell: i want to talk to you a little bit about -- >> he's on his way out. connell: i want to talk to you a little bit about how this is affecting and foreign affairs are affecting our presidential election. as a democrat president obama receiving a lot of criticism for
. dagen: now to stocks, nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: good morning. the dow jones industrials are pulling back a little bit, down about 20 points right now. you can take a look at some names that are lagging on our fox 50 index right now. starbucks is one of the big lakers. you are seeing some pressure here on wall street. one name not under pressure is apple. apple has had that all-time new high. right now you can see it is up 1.1%. the new iphone5 has had stellar pre-ordering sales. the best ever for apple. back to you. connell: thank you. protest continue today. israeli prime minister was asked all about it yesterday on "meet the press." >> did you, their very existence of the united states, we have to understand that we have to deal with it. in this vast expansive land, you can understand why they are so antagonistic to us. we are you and you are asked. connell: the author of obama's globe, the president abandonment special assistant to president nixon. react right off the bat to what the prime minister of israel had to say in terms of how this is being h
, 15 minutes since the last update. nicole, stocks coming off earlier highs. what's the news there? >> interesting year to look at the markets, it's quadruple, office operations, and such, and going into closing, they see volatility or heavy volume; however, that being said, it's a winning week to close here and now, with the dow up 27 points, gain of one quarter of 1%. thinged helped along by hopes and good news as well as apple moving to new highs. let's look at apple. as i mention m especially -- as i mentioned, the iphone 5 in stores, you can get the thing. outside the 5th avenue store in new york city, you see the stock now up $6, new all time highs for apple today. also, a look at research in motion, the blackberry maker on the same day heerk and they have been under pressure because the blackberry experienced some delays and outages and such in yiewch and people in africa could not access e-mail for some time, up to three hours, and so the ceo is apologizing. not a good day for him. back to you. lori: nicole, thanks for that. it's been a volatile week for crude oil, and now
right, nicole, microsoft and nokia, those first off. >> microsoft is pretty much flat and nokia looking for the upside here. and this is a real, real big day, waiting for. and tons of shareholder frustration and waiting for this to turn the company around and a lot is betting right here on the lumia, windows phone, and supposed be to be chargeless and windows software and that will differentiate nokia. some of the shareholders really thought they should have used google's android. so, it's interesting what will come of this. but it's a big day for nokia. stuart: it's nokia's last chance to get back in the game with this windows smart phone. last chance, basically, right. >> got to get in and win. stuart: thanks, nicole. and we'll see you. 2:30 eastern to be resize, google's motorola division set to release a new smart phone, new razr, google stock barely changed on that and apple announces an event one week from today. sure looks like the big reveal for the iphone 5. apple's stock this morning is ever so slightly lower, barely changed i'll call it. news on the smart phone upfront this m
. nicole petallides is standing by. nicole: we have down arrows across the board. the fear index is higher. also the dollar is stronger. we do have a market coming in under a little bit of pressure. down about .5%. you noted some of the economic news we got in, including construction spending. manufacturing sector, that also shrank once again. we do have a big deal when we talk about mergers and acquisitions. it is merger monday, but it was merger tuesday because of the holiday. this is a 39% premium from friday's close. both hitting 52 week highs. dermatology and skin care really gives them a boost in that category. botox, anti-wrinkle cream, etc. back to you. melissa: democrats making their pitch for a second term for president obama. asking americans if they are better off now than they were four years ago. peter barnes is live in charlotte. >> republicans have invited ronald reagan to the democratic convention using his famous question. they hope to hammer the democrats with it all week. listen. >> the president has no record to run on. in fact every president since the great depressio
for stocks first every 15 minutes onl on the flof the new york stock exchange or nicole petallides as always is standing by. nicole: the euro moving to the four-month highs. the top court ruling in germany basically says they will back the euro zone, will be there for the emergency fund. protected for more money, so that is basically the understanding. our market here at home, an up arrow across the board. up fractionally a quarter of a percent in the major averages, the s&p up a quarter of a percent right now. a stellar september. the dow and s&p gaining 2%, that is a good move for september. back to you. lori: apple getting set to unveil its latest product, the iphone 5. robert gray with the details, what will we hear, robert? speak of the biggest products in the biggest company in the world. we're expected to hear from apple, a bigger screen, a thinner screen format. a lot of expectations on this phone. expect it to be on the lte network making it more compatible in more markets overseas. investors waiting to hear will they or won't announce some deal with china mobile. that is what folks
hitting yet another all time low. dagen: it's the top of the hour, stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange watching facebook. nicole: we talked about the ipo on may 18th, 38 bucks. here it is right now in the 17 handle. we were watching it hold the $18 mark, only to see it break down below that to 17.58. i mean look at that intraday chart. so shareholders become disappointed once again and so you do have some of the analysts out trying to talk positively. jpmorgan for example cut their price target to $30 from $45, but remain upbeat, talking about ad revenue that will reaccelerate into the back half of 2012 to 2013. facebook shareholders had hoped to see it at $38 and see it go higher. we will see whether or not jpmorgan is on call here with this one. but for today, a new all time low for facebook. back to you. dagen: thank you for that. connell: we're going to talk about facebook here before we get to the politics here. mike santoli, associate editor for barron's starts us off. is it fair to say whose fault is this since the ipo? >> t
. as we come at you at the top of the hour on september 11th, 2012, nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange for stocks now, they always spend part of the day remembering today and also moving forward and trading stocks as they are. good morning. nicole: it is a day of remembrance. this morning we had a moment of silence and we see many folks coming here today, families and also those in service in their uniforms. it is a day to remember, september 11th. what we are looking at now in the dow, up 85 points, erasing yesterday's losses of over 50 points. i want to take a look first at some movers, though. looking at the luxury retailer coming out and just having to cut their full year profit numbers and big drop, biggest drop since their ipo back in 2002 for burrberry -- burberry. it is down 20%. it is taking other luxuries down with it, such as polo ralph lauren. zuckerberg will give an outlook today. take a look at mcdonald's, global same-store sales have been on the rise, didn't meet expectations but have been rising. back to you. connell: thanks nicole. dagen: house speaker b
. melissa: time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. nicole petallides is standing by . stocks posting modest gains. >> reporter: about 55 points in the dow jones industrial. the tech heavy nasdaq 1/4 of a percent in the s&p 500 up one-third of 1%. banks convert some retailers doing well. gold is gaining. the fear index has pulled back. that is the environment we are in. the dollar is lower which helps things along as far as equities go. let's take a look. a big mover is apple. he made us see a dramatic move at this moment. a big mover in the year 2012. forty-third all-time high today. so today, $703.50 is the high that it did today. forty-three times in the year 2012. this ceo of at&t has talked about the sales that they have been seeing so far, pre yours. hard to gauge. an incredible demand that they have been seeing. it's been falling very, very well. lori: thank you so much. melissa: stocks are up an oil is down. on track for its biggest 3-d decline since june. fox business contributor phil flynn. wheeler this morning, stockpiles rose eight and a half million barrels. but that in p
, dow 30 at 13,324. that is your djia. all right, let's bring in nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. all right, nicole, what are you watching? >> reporter: taking a close look here at both citigroup and morgan stanley because they finally have come to agreement on the val wake of smith varney. here are some of the details of this. so morgan stanley's on the full track now to take ownership of morgan stanley smith varney which, by the way, the smith varney will actually be morgan stanley wealth management. so the agreement here and the deal which values the brokerage unit at $13.5 billion actually actuallyremoves restrictions on morgan stanley to buy the rest of the company. the agreement -- citigroup, they have 5% own -- 45% owner shift and this is all pending regulatory approval. this also is a bet on morgan stanley's point as they move into wealth management even more so on some good markets ahead. so this is, it also gives some access to funds as well, $48 billion in deposits by 2015. so those are some of the main bullet points of this joint venture
, but this has been a very nice month and a very nice quarter. let's check in with nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. we also have sandra at the cme. sandra: this is such a crazy day. i want to run some breaking news. the court has vacated the dodd-frank rule laminating in the commodity markets. >> anything that keeps tabs. sandra: scott, we end this crazy day for the market. we were sweating in the pits. >> yes, i was. we traded a lot higher. boy oh boy, and of quarter it may be crazy, it got crazy the wrong way. sandra: will we open higher month and? >> probably. sandra: i will throw it back to you guys. wheat, soybeans, the report was not even bullish for all the brains. huge bullish trains here. liz: he just really took off there. the court has vacated the dodd frank rule amending speculation in the commodity market. it is a free market. before we get to charlie, i want to get to nicole. nicole: i want to take a close look at bank of america today. this is a huge settlement. this is after the whole merril lynch merger. bank of america agreeing to pay $2.3 billion. this is a h
. let's go over to nicole. nicole, mcdonald's is raising the quarterly dividend to 77 cents a share, where is mcdonald's trading right now, nicole? >> mcdonald's right now up about 1/2 a percent though they raised the dividend 10% and 7 cents and now, it will be 77 cents a share. the interesting part about this, liz, is that looking at this, the raise of the dividend, the dividend payout. turns out that mcdonald's raised its dividend every year, every single year, since paying the first dividend way back in 1976. now, that's-- >> so you're talking about a 36 year track record, right, nicole? >> unbelievable from 1976 till now, and raising the dividend? pretty good. >> now, where is apple? apple is the big story and where is that, nicole. >> 702 and change, so it's up about 1/2 a percent, it's not channelling the all-time high yet. and 43 times this year, but i went by the store there on fifth avenue and east 58th, it was jam packed and it's expecting to sell record amounts today. >> you know, it's interesting, basically apple is really driving about 5% of the s&p, it's up, what, res
years ago. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. she indeed of course, observed that moment of silence. nicole, before we went to that moment of silence, i was remembering that the new york stock exchange returned to full business despite the devastation all around us, 11 years ago, just six days after the event itself. thanks to the extraordinary work of dick grasso, i don't know whether you remember those days or not, but you're there where it happened 11 years ago. >> i remember all those days very clearly. of course, this is the very some barry day, a day of memory and a day to remember, here on the the floor of the exchange the traders have been coming in and they're always wearing their flags and they often do so in memory. today, we certainly saw a the lot of folks coming in and sort of remembering where they were on that day. remembering friends and family members that they had lost. today though, as we saw this morning, some of the military servicemen and women came in here this morning to obviously look back on that day and so now we are getti
economy. it is an indicator and fedex has cut its forecast once again. all right, nicole, where is the stock? >> i'm glad you say cut its forecast once again because that's the case, it's down 2 1/2% this morning, right now, at the opening bell, it's taking ups down with it. the truth of the matter is, we heard it in early september. we covered it here on varney, talking about the tough global economy. and the sales, they lowered the outlook and doing the same thing again today. stuart: i think their business, they're looking for a 5% drop in the united states which is a pretty bad indicator for america's economy. i think that's actually 5%. so, i really want to move on fast to apple. is it at 700, yes or no? >> no, a nickel, pull out a nickel. that's how far away we are 699.95. stuart: am i right in saying that during regular market hours it has yet to hit 700. pre-market, post market. >> correct. stuart: but-- >> i saw it over 701 overnight. so iphone 5 has been obviously breaking all records. stuart: i here by guarantee, the trumpets will sound when we hit #00. >> i thought y
. nicole petallides continues to coverage of thanks to the ecb driving today's rally. >> reporter: an exciting day on wall street, especially if you are a ball out there. ira, you want the banks to go up or you just what the major averages to go up. we are seeing the dow up 232 points. not giving any of it back. all 30 components have been in the green. dow components hitting new highs. the vexed about your indexes to the downside. volume is heavy, supporting this conviction. i also want to take a look at some of the european banks and the heels of a we have been hearing. obviously we talked about aid to the european struggling economy. making this pledge to buy bonds and keep the borrowing rates more intact. short-term bonds. that will help things along. all our banks are up three, 4%. also up eight 1/4%. that is the environment. melissa: thank you. the markets and rally mode after the president and the european central bank announced plans for a new bond buying program. ashley webster joins us from frankfurt, germany with more. >> reporter: a low. this was the announcement that
to nicole petallides. nicole: we are seeing a week here where we have moved major averages to multi- year highs. you remember when, it is not right at the 5000 market, but not too far off of its all-time high. most of the names on the dow supporting up arrow speared dow component kraft will no longer be a dow component. kraft is out. united healthcare in. they will be creating their new company. that market will be smaller. back to you. connell: thank you. dagen: we continue our coverage of the unrest in the middle east. marines have been sent to yemen now. connell: we are live in cairo, egypt with the very latest corporate good afternoon. there is a battle going on between protesters who are trying to preach some of the barricades. the protesters are launching molotov cocktails over the last couple days. these protesters are now trying to head into the american embassy compound. some of the slogans we are hearing are with our blood and our soul. flags waving about islam. posters of osama bin laden. the graffiti reportedly sprayed. take care of america, we have 1.5 billion moderns. these
the gdp number. lori: let's go to medical petallides on the new york stock exchange. nicole: all of those things are very important to the economy. focusing on the budget and moving forward. we have had a stronger euro, weaker dollar. really gave a boost to our market here. they are very sensitive to the headlines abroad. the dow is up 78-point right now. i want to talk about the analyst calls. first yahoo! with a bite over at goldman sachs. just saying now that it is looking pretty good for yahoo! back to you. melissa: thank you so much. we'll climbing back after closing below $90 a barrel yesterday. so much weakness in that. bill clinton is in the pits -- phil flynn is in the pits. >> if you look it goes off the board today. the biggest spread to the next month. it is a classic squeeze play. a lot of physical counseling buyers as well as a lot of people betting after hurricane isaac gasoline production would come storming back. a lot of issues around the globe about not just here in the u.s., imports of gasoline are down big time. every major market across the country, you have the tigh
was positive and nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange watching the market straddled a flat line. we have jeff flock at the cme. jeff: it is to me first because you are talking about oil. that is what they're talking about. not a lot of action on the floor in positive territory in terms of the cme. the only ones back in the meet it. that was all that was the because grains were down the first oil, yesterday's huge drop of. the cftc investigating but no definitive reason. will come down to a combination of factors but oil pulling back another dollar today. maybe just a bearish time. not just oil but gasoline too also down. grains in the tank but not as bad as yesterday. yesterday was sell-off in the grains, soybeans down the limit caused some people to have margin calls and sell oil to get out and that set a cascade of events of. as good a guess as anything but grains were down on a positive harvest two days will be on a farm. we will show you what the harvest looks like. liz: go back to the meet its. [talking over each other] liz: sort of a market it there. >> let's take a look a
. believe it or not, they don't trust the administration. i don't understand that. nicole has another story. maybe they trust you there, nicole. >> somewhere else indeed, the floor of the new york stock exchange. i have a story in the defense area. turns out the systems have been in talks sometime on and off for over a year. well, right now, we are hearing the two are in advanced talks to create a huge company combined $48 billion. certainly, that would overtake even boeing as the biggest aerostation defense company. 40%, and the remaining 60%, but whether or not it goes there, there could be hurdles whether they are regulatory or security or even culture, liz, but this is big news. back to you. liz: just what we need. more hurdles. now cultural hurdles, not just regulatory? okay, thank you very much, nicole. this is one of the biggest draws in tech labs. it's the intel developers' forum, the 15th annual developers' forum, drawing thousands of people, hundreds and hundreds of companies, and they want to hear what the world's largest semiconductor company has in store for your gadgets. let's
's crop report. top of the hour, stocks down every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: today is the day we look at the dow jones gusto average of 2022 points right now, but the dow has hit multiyear highs once again as has the s&p 500. dating back to 2007, 2008 levels for these two major averages. the nasdaq higher as well. anticipation of the apple iphone. and the fear index to the downside, some names helping the doll along, caterpillar, jpmorgan. up arrows along the board, but again one-tenth of 1%. back to you. dagen: thank you, nicole. connell: president obama addressing the attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya. dagen: the very latest with a wrapup of everything we have heard just this morning. >> president obama condemning the attacks in the strongest terms working with the government to secure other diplomats in the country and its working without government to make sure they find these attackers. >> there is absolutely no justification for this type of violence. none. the world must stand together to unequivocally reject these acts
-- bob auwaerter will be here to talk about that. let's get to nicole at the new york stock exchange. nicole: new all-time high for apple, iphone 5, the preorders have broken all kinds of records all the previous records. this is before it goes on sale on friday the 21st. 699.78, it went for all-time high today of 701.44. then we want to take a look at ford. the ceo alan mulally says he isn't planning to retire any time soon. this is a quote from mr. mulally himself. maybe people were looking into who might be his successor at some point or whether or not he would be doing that. that's not the case. you can see that's down just fractionally right now. back to you. dagen: thank you, nicole. i know it is like a 58% annualized return over ten years for apple. that's incredible stuff. but our top story today, comments made by g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney at a closed-door campaign event causing major controversy for the campaign today. dagen: much to talk about, the economic reality, and the political fall out, first to peter schiff, ceo of europe pacific capital. peter, your t
york stock exchange. nicole: we have seen stocks taking off, moving to multi- year highs. the nasdaq is at 12 year highs. the dow just a little away from its all-time high. that was back in october of 2007. we have seen lots of games across the board. i wanted to take a look at and what x. the ftc has charged them with improper distribution. saying they sent it out to preparatory clients. an undertaking now that they will have to hire a consultant. that is the nyse. also, i want to talk about the dow. kraft will be leaving the dow. this will occur on the close of trading on september 21. kraft is spinning off. the new business will have a smaller market cap. back to you. lori: thank you so much. later this hour, s&p -- gives us his take. melissa: oil topping $100 a barrel since may as the fed boosts stimulus. phil flynn of price future group within the pits at the cme for us. oil prices are unbearable for consumers and this could help push the global economy back into a recession. that is really bad news. phil: the market is taking this seriously. this is taking speculation that we w
talk about that without mentioning the law case of 74. lau versus nicoles. >> they fell that they need, you know, for the group of youngsters who come to the country with limited english and they were not getting the full benefit the educationals and are not being taught the language that they understand. >> there are 3 goals in bilingual education programs to improve efficiency. to continue teaching core curriculum in student's primary languages and to maintain student's cultural identity. >> i think that the key question is that for student who coming from a foreign country with a low level of english proefficiency, how are you going to help these kids be able to take the challenge and being successful in the school? and just take an example, a student coming from china and who may be at a high school level and then he is got his education, you know, experience from china only in chinese. and now he's in this new country and he has to challenge the high school school curriculum all in english. and it's a huge challenge there. >> because of the immigration act of 1965 san francisco
minutes, going to the floor, and nicole, the birthday girl. >> thank you very much. i own cowboy boots myself. the dow, best of the bunch, down one tenth of 1%. the nasdaq down a half percent down 15 points here. a dollar higher, phillie fed number, that was better helping things along, but the weekly jobless claims and revisions of the prior week weighed on things that it is worrisome. bank of america cutting 16,000, yea, 16,000 by the end of the year beating up the cost cutting plan, and so let's look at the other financials as well. this is ubs cutting, morgan stanley, citi group, and sachs. turns out the names are up roughly 30% since late july saying the banks run up fast enough and it is a good time to jump out. neutral from the buy. thank you. >> thank you,ny call. trying to snap a losing streak, prices down 7% this week alone. phil flynn of price futures group in the pit at the cme. news of a factory slow down, saudi raib wra -- saudisaudi arabia, what do you e of it in >> trying to hang in there, and one of the reasons they may not be is a concern about venezuela, tighter conc
do every 15 minutes with nicole petallides. disney today, all-time high. nicole: we have a long-term chart of disney to take a look at here. when you look at it year to date, up over 30%. hitting all-time high of 51.13. recently we found that between april and june, disneyland resort drew the most visitors than it ever had before in the same period. of course you think of disneyland, you think of disney resorts, you think of also media and film. films like the avengers for example. disney certainly has recent success and that is evident here in the stock up 2 1/2%. the major market averages the dow right now is up about 8 1/2 points. back above the 13,000 mark. we're watching europe very closely. the dollar is virtually flat, waiting any headlines out of the democratic national convention. doreen mogavero said anything from the polls could move the market as well. and of course friday, the jobs report. back to you. connell: that's right, the jobs report after the president's speech on thursday night. the democrats are in charlotte. michelle obama last night. bill clinton will sp
and every 15 minutes. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: all right, we are up about 10 points on the dow jones industrial average here this morning. the banking index is doing well. we got in our housing starts numbers which showed a jump of more than 2%, 2.3%. the s&p 500 virtually flat here at 1450. some of the traders i have talked to have said it could push up to 1470, 75 or so. right now let's take a look also at bank of america, a day after their slowness, their potential cyberattack, whatever you want to call it, but just the fact that customers were trying to go on to the bank of america website and were experiencing delays. and they acknowledge exactly that because of an attack. so they said directly that we continuously take proactive measures to secure our systems so the stock today is bouncing back, up 1.7%. back to you. dagen: thank you nicole. now it is president obama's turn to face some critics after a clip surfaces about the president pushing wealth distribution. take a listen. >> i think the trick is figures out how do we structure government system
buying iphones. dagen: he's trying to stop me talking and going to nicole, and hey, nicole. >> hey, dagen and donnell, well, we're looking at the markets and first i'm going to kick it off with apple of course, today is the day, apple iphone 5, the lines are outside. people are lined up for hours, for days, sense early this week, to get there and there you go. up almost 1% right now, and it did hit a new all-time high and if you're a shareholder, you doesn't get bored of hearing that. up 44 times the new tie, 44 times this year. and the new high, of course, expected to set records with sales, and you guys, right there, that's a big, big issue, that they will have to contend with. and nascar, and positive s&p, both up arrows, and the up 1/2 a%. >> and told about the most important lesson he's learned so far. >> the most important lesson i've learned is that, you can't change washington from the enside. you can only change it from the outside. and that's how i got elected and that's how the big accomplishments like health care got done was because we mobilized the american people to speak o
. at a quarter past the hour, let's go back to nicole for stocks. stuart: not good here for pandora. when you take a look at it it has been down 18% all day long. when you look at pandora you look at intense competition. apple is said to be moving ahead with some sort of streaming music that would compete directly with pandora. they just recently boosted their outlook. then you have this, like the big whammy of the day. apple comes out and says we will go head to head. apple has not come out and said anything. pandora down 17.5%. apple, new all-time highs. 679 and change. back to you. connell: back to the political debate we have been having here. our tax cuts really the answer to all of our problems. putting the pedal to the metal. texas set to open a stretch of highway that will have the highest speed limit in the country. you have some time to guess what that speed may be. we will get to it a little bit later on. first a look at grantee today and how they are faring against the dollar. ♪ >> at 21 minute past the hour i have your fox news minute. the obama administration has -- secretary
with the markets. speaking of which, let's get to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange where just a day or two where apple announced the iphone 5, she's looking at apple. nicole: i'm taking a close look at apple which has been approaching $700. hit new all-time high today. this on the heels of the iphone 5. it is sleeker, thinner, more powerful. it has all these extra features. i can tell you that apple is already noting that they've already sold out their initial stock. i went to a verizon store today where the man there told me he's been so busy getting all these orders in, more than he's ever seen before. analysts are talking about iphone 5 fever. and some of them even have $1,000 price target. so as far as the iphone 5 being a drag or a blah or whatever, so far, that is not the case. indeed we're seeing the stock taking off today. along with the markets, liz. it's really been an unbelievable week. yesterday gained over 200 points. today up. not giving it any back. -- not giving any of it back. back to you. liz: tell me where we're going next, shannon? as we're live
. the democratic national convention, i'm nicole charlotte. latest details coming up. >> in the bay area, a chance of rain. >>> it's been six months sins sierra lamar has been missing and what new congresswomen want to do regarding this case mçó4+y?i >> a documentary about the deadly gas pine line explosion in san bruno happens tomorrow. interviews with victims and first responders. admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students and seniors. it's at 22 board way. >> president obama on was delayed a bit due to thunderstorms. the president will formally accept his nomination tomorrow tonight. former president bill clinton is set to address the delegates. there are new developments about where the president will make his speech. nicoles joins us from charlotte. >> siting thunders storms, the convention says the president will accept the speech at the time warner center. the last minute swap could be a logistic cal nightmare. >> he brought economy from the brinks of collapse to good jobs right here in the united states of america. >> ms. obama asked for more time to see the change her husband rommel
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